Raising Awareness

Our main goal here at the JCK Foundation is to raise awareness about OCD and other mental health disorders. Our mission is not just about targeting individuals with mental health disorders but also targeting those who are indirectly affected with these ailments. One of the hardest things about suffering from a mental health disorder is when your loved ones and friends don’t realize the seriousness of the pain and suffering that you are going through. A lot of times people just figure that you are overreacting and think you can easily control your anxiety, when in fact that is not on the case. OCD isn’t something we choose, and can just turn on and off.

We aim to reach out to individuals and groups through screenings of the documentary, inspirational lectures, social media, fundraisers, and other events. A compassionate and accurate description of OCD and mental health is necessary to erase the stigma and complacent attitude about OCD which is currently portrayed in society. Our goal is for no one to be SCARED to tell a loved one what is going on in their mind out of fear of being judged or ignored. Our goal is also for that loved one to accept them with open arms. The more people that know John’s incredible story, the easier it will be to accept and understand what a loved one may be suffering with. Your support of a loved one who is suffering can make all the difference; let them know they are not fighting this battle alone. It can help so much towards ending the stigma.

We hope to share John’s film in as many places as possible in order to raise understanding and awareness and compassion.  We know that John’s story can pick you up, and help you realize you are fighting your battle with love and support, not only from your loved ones, but from all of us here at the JCK Foundation.

We have already presented at the International OCD Conference in Chicago and Atlanta. We have spoken at Universities and Colleges in the Northeast. However, we hope to target more audiences, particularly colleges and universities, as we believe that our story can be most effective for young adults typically living on their own for their first time, when OCD and anxiety is magnified.

Please contact us if you want to learn more about our efforts to raise awareness.