Our Mission

The JCK Foundation was created to raise public awareness about the paralyzing effects of the brain disorder known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and other mental disorders. We aim to provide a compassionate and accurate description of mental disorders and help people affected come to terms with this disorder so they can feel comfortable seeking treatment. We hope to erase the stigma and complacent attitude about OCD and other mental disorders that are currently portrayed in society. Our mission is to reach out to individuals and groups through lectures, social media, fundraisers and other events to help educate the public about the these disorders and to eliminate the stigma that is associated with them.

By sharing the personal story of one man’s courageous battle with the disease, the JCK Foundation works to educate communities that OCD and mental disorders are more than an annoying habit but a brain disorder that can consume an individual’s thoughts, actions, and decisions. OCD and mental disorders are not a lifestyle that is chosen by those afflicted, rather it is a disorder. John (JCK) wanted more than anything to be free from the shackles of his mental disorder. Our goal is to spread his story about how challenging living with OCD and mental disorders can be. We want those without a mental ailment to be compassionate, accepting and have a greater understanding of the struggle and suffering that occurs with OCD and other mental disorders. We want to use John’s story to eliminate the stigma and create freedom of expression for the mental disorder community.