The JCK Foundation Clinic was founded in 2011 in the town of Kabale which is in the southwestern part of Uganda. The Clinic has a full service laboratory, diagnostic ultrasound, pharmacy, minor surgery suite, 6 beds for outpatient consultation and 6 inpatient beds for treatment of malaria and other serious tropical disease. Dr. Centinary Gervase is the Medical Director and he is assisted by his wife, Evelayne, who is a midwife. Together with another medical officer they provide 24/7 medical coverage.

Dr. Gervase is a native born Kabale resident and has strong connections with the local community. Medical illnesses which they commonly treat include malaria, typhoid and tuberculosis. There is a government hospital nearby but they often run out of medication so patients often come to the clinic for supplies.

In 2013 the clinic decided to embark on a psychiatric outreach program to the rural villages. Many patients would have to walk 20 miles to seek treatment in the town. The incidence of mental illness is about 22% throughout the world. We are certain that many villagers are underserved for the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. We started by recruiting and teaching local village health workers how to identify and mobilize local villagers who need treatment. They come to the clinic monthly and the compliance rate is 75%. The Mental Health Team consists of one government trained psychiatric nurse, one medical officer, two facilitators, and the village health workers. There are currently two sites visited monthly. In 2016 over 4,000 patient visits have been completed. This very high compliance rate indicates that patients are happy with their treatment.


In 2014, the clinic began a partnership with the JCK foundation. Both the clinic and the foundation reach out to patients where they live and work. In addition they focus on diagnosis and peer mentoring programs. The clinic is operated exclusively by local Ugandans.In 2015, the foundation purchased an amlbulance to assist with transportation of the seriously ill.

The clinic has been so successful with maternity care that the foundation is building a maternity pavilion

The clinic and outreach program are growing rapidly and we welcome your support through the JCK Foundation as a portion of our contributions received go towards funding the clinic.

In addition, the clinic welcomes you to visit and to be involved in the psychiatric outreach program. Foundation President John Tessitore, C.J Fleming and Dr. Kelly had the pleasure of visiting the clinic in November. We have the ability to assemble a complete tour of Uganda which includes the game parks, an orphanage visit and visit to the clinic. If you are interested please email the foundation.