Finding Help

Coming out and talking about your OCD can be one of the most challenging things you ever do, but we can tell you it is also one of the most rewarding.

One thing you will learn is there are so many people out there who have similar thoughts as you, as irrational as they may seem they are still very real to us sufferers. A major goal of the JCK foundation is to help you take that courageous first step and realize there is a system of support and love. Family members and close friends may not know much about OCD and it can be a daunting task but having the courage to take that first step can be so helpful, and we can vouch it does get better.

It may never be perfect but I can tell you through self-belief, a support system, determination, and John’s inspiration you will learn that you can do incredible things with OCD. You can conquer just about any mental challenge. They key is realizing that YOU ARE NOT alone and being able to talk openly about your OCD can really help so much and it can lift that weight off your shoulder. Everyone needs a role model and John’s story can help convey to your loved ones, people who may not know much about OCD, some of the thoughts that you are going through.

For more information on OCD treatments please visit the International OCD Foundation page.