I’m pleased (and excited!) to announce that Overcoming OCD: A Journey to Recovery has been released, and I’ve heard from several readers who have received their copies already. If you haven’t ordered yet and would like to, you can purchase the book through the publisher for a 30% discount, as well as through all major bookseller sites. As of this writing, Amazon is temporarily out of stock, but I’ve been informed that they have ordered more books, so this status should change soon.

Just a few quick updates:

**I’ve created a Facebook page for the book.

**There’s now a “Media” tab at the top of the blog…..check it out!

**Check out the “Upcoming Events” tab by hovering over the “My Book” tab. I’m happy to report that our first event is scheduled for February 18, 2015 at Barnes & Noble in Philadelphia. Hope to see you there!

**Finally, if you’ve read, or plan to read, the book, I would so appreciate your taking a few minutes to post a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. Thanks so much!

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