2014 JCK Legends Softball Tournament Recap

We’d like to thank the players, sponsors, donors, volunteers and everyone who came out to make this year’s tournament the best one yet. We were thrilled to have this year’s event featured in The New York Times as well as The Journal News for our efforts to destigmatize mental illness and raise awareness for OCD.

For more photos of the event, courtesy of the incredibly talented Ashley Jones, visit our Facebook Page.

There was an air on the morning of the 4th annual JCK Legends Tournament as more people led to more field space. The tournament was moved to Scenic Hudson Park on the beautiful Hudson River. With change of field there many rumblings that this could be the year John Tessitore’s squad would end it’s championship streak!

On a beautiful Saturday morning a record attendance and 8 teams showed up to honor John and to fight the Stigma of mental health! John’s story had garnered more and more attention as participants flew in from as far as California.

The tourney started off with a bang as balls were flying out everywhere. Amazing Tales’ bats led by Kevin Farrington were popping but the fielding and leadership of CJ Fleming led to a rare tie in a round robin game. Louisiana Cajun Café led by Courtney Noe had some of the greatest outfits in Legend Tournament history. They came flying out of the gate with capes, hats, and goggles but there enthusiasm was stomped by Tessitore’s Kelly’s Sharpshooters.  Brian Farrington led his Heat squad to a powerful performance in the round robin aspect of the tournament earning a #2 seed with the deadly combination of heart and skill. Before the Scatt Bros rocked the after party, the Beer Bros rocked the diamond leading a ferocious Kelly’s Hero’s attack. After the round robin nothing was settled and most of the teams felt like they had a shot at the title. Paul Tessitore, after going winless his fist two years and suffering heartbreak at the hands of his brother, led a Sip-N-Snacks team with a lot of confidence going into the playoff rounds.

The elimination round started off with a bang with arguably the biggest upset in legends tournament history. John Tessitore’s Sharpshooters team was riding high after an 18-0 win over the Embassy Club, earning the top seed in the tournament. There were rumblings of the tournament being fixed and rigged in Tessitore’s favor, but Captain Frankie Farrington wanted none of that. After the loss, Trevor Saunders emerged as an emotional leader for the Embassy Club.

The show went on as expected and the semifinals pitted Paul Tessitore’s Sip-N-Snacks squad against Kelly’s Heroes. Tessitore’s squad got the best of Kelly's Heroes. There was some magic in the air as Tessitore smelled the Championship for the first time. The other semi-final pitted pre-tournament favorite Amazing Tales against the heavy underdog Embassy Club squad. It was a matchup of 2 high school football legends that just happened to be brothers. Little brother got the best of the older brother as Amazing tales pulled out a 8-1 victory….It was time for a new champion to be crowned.

The finals were a heavily anticipated one, but it was one dominated from the start by Amazing Tales. The talent and the bats just could not be stopped as a 10-run inning cemented one of the most dominant performances in legends tournament history. Amazing Tales were the champions!

As always thanks to JCK it was another magical day. Its always incredible to see the support that has been pouring in for mental illness. When you see over 120 kids rally for a cause it’s truly a beautiful thing and we can’t thank everyone enough for coming out and playing. You are what make this event so magical. We at the JCK Foundation cant wait to see what the 5th annual JCK Tournament has in store. An idea that started as a 60-person event to remember JCK has now turned into a movement supporting those with mental illness all over the country.

  Photo by: Ashley Jones

Photo by: Ashley Jones

 Photo by: Ashley Jones

Photo by: Ashley Jones