2012 JCK Legends Softball Tournament Recap – The birthplace of Essential

2012 Brought the second annual JCK Legends tournament, and this time we had much more time to prepare! In May, the documentary on John’s life “Heroes Get Remembered but Legends Never Die” was released to the public and a week after the tournament the film was screened at the International OCD Conference in Chicago. With more time to prepare came more awareness, more players, and more people rallying behind a great cause. The second year included family sponsors, the addition of two teams, and a whirlwind of support from the community. It also was the first year that a draft was implemented. Kevin Farrington captained “The Heat”, Paul Tessitore captained “Dan’s Sportsenter”, John Tessitore captained “Kelly’s Sharpshooter’s”, B-man captained “ER”, Frank Farrington captained “Kelly’s Heroes” and Brian Farrington captained “Ogden Engine”. Once again all teams were named after little league team names from John Kelly’s childhood. It marked the first time in Legends tournament history that 4 state championship football players captained a different team.

Once again, the field was decked out beautifully to the brim. The Dobbs Ferry DPW made sure the field was in mint condition and banners of John and his friends covered the whole outfield fence. If an error was made it was hard not to look at a picture of John and his friends and smile it off. Stolen moments and DJ E-Gorms were back with the beats and John Tessitore started a new Dobbs Ferry trend by screaming ESSENTIAL into the microphone one too many times! Again the Centrillo family did an amazing job manning the grill, and the “Dobbs Ferry mothers club” with help from some girls in the Class of Dobbs Ferry High School 2010 made sure all the players stayed hydrated with waters, Gatorades, and also some AMAZING baked goods.

With 6 teams meant a new format since the field had expanded to 60 to 90 players. Every team played a first “seeding” game and the top two seeds received byes into the semi-finals. Unfortunately, the tough luck for Captain Paul Tessitore continued as for the second straight year his squad went winless! (poor kid just can’t seem to win) It was a hot day and John Tessitore’s team, the Kelly’s Sharpshooters, played a barnburner semi-final game against Kevin Farrington’s Heat squad. It came down to the bottom of the 7th inning when the Sharphsooters snuck by the Heat setting up a championship matchup between E.R and Sharpshooters. This would mark the second straight tournament that John Tessitore and Brian Mcmillan would meet in the championship game. The Sharphsooters jumped out to an early lead and thanks to some web gems at shortstop by dark horse CJ “Mario Lopez” Raimondo the Sharpshooters took home the title and Tessitore belly flopped into the Gould Park Pool celebrating his second straight championship! More importantly, the turnout nearly doubled and with the after party included more than 12,000 dollars was raised for the IOCDF.