2011 JCK Legends Softball Tournament Recap

The first annual JCK tournament started in Kevin Farrington’s room two and half-weeks before the tournament. John Tessitore and Kevin were talking about John Kelly and they decided that a great way to honor John was by having a “Legends Softball Tournament”. After talking it over with the Kelly family there was only 2 short weeks to put together the first annual JCK Legends Tournament. It was immediately decided that they would try to make this event as “genuine” to John Kelly as possible. The mindset was “How would John want it?”

The four team’s selected were little league rivals back from when John and his buddies used to play in the “highly competitive” Dobbs Ferry Little League. The four teams were “Kelly’s Heroes”, “Kelly’s Sharpshooters”, “E.R” and “The Heat”. In just 2 weeks 60 people signed up ranging from age 17 to 26 and captains were formed. ER would be captained by the “B-man” Brian McMillan, the Heat was captained by Paul Tessitore, Kelly’s Sharpshooters was captained by Kevin Farrington, while Kelly’s Heroes was captained by John Tessitore. Buzz of the tournament quickly spread and Gould Park turned into a field of dreams that day. Two banners were made for the tournament by the amazing Matt Beer. One of the banners had a picture of John’s face smiling down on all the players from the hill.

Doctor Kelly (John’s Father) started off the tournament with a beautiful speech reminding us to always look out for another and to not judge. He encouraged us to remember all those who are perceived as “different” because they may be struggling silently, echoing his son’s values and personality. Doctor Kelly threw out the first pitch with Mrs. Kelly, Marissa (John’s sister), and baby Olivia (John’s niece) by his side. It was time to play some ball!

The field was unlike anything that had been seen at Gould Park. Thanks to Stolen Moments entertainment and DJ “E-Gorms” there was a DJ blasting constant legendary tunes that brought back many different memories of our time with John. There was also a great “Legends Shrine” set up for John that included old jersey’s and pictures of John and friends. Not to mention the outfield fence that was constructed thanks to the efforts of many of the players arriving 2 hours early! Thanks to the many amazing parents of Dobbs Ferry there was no lack of food. The Centrillo’s manned the grill, and Mrs. Tessitore, Mrs. Fleming and the rest of the DF mom’s sold baked goods and kept all the players hydrated! It was a scorcher but it didn’t stop many other members of the community to come out, sit on the hill, and support the players who all donned the number 7 on the backs of their jerseys in honor of John.